Airports near La Spezia

Pisa Galileo Galilei Airport (PSA) is located approx. 65 km from La Spezia in Italy. Se other airports close to La Spezia on the map below.
La Spezia
Airports closest to La Spezia in Italy *
Approx. 87 km
Approx. 115 km
Approx. 126 km
Approx. 152 km
Approx. 167 km
Approx. 174 km
Approx. 175 km
Approx. 180 km
* Distances calculated in a straight line. Distance by car may be longer.
Distance to La Spezia
How far is it from Denmark to La Spezia?
There is about 1.296 kilometers from Copenhagen to La Spezia.

Departure fromDistance
Copenhagen Airport (CPH)approx. 1.296 kilometer
Billund Airport (BLL)approx. 1.295 kilometer
Aalborg Airport (AAL)approx. 1.445 kilometer
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