Airports in Denmark

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✈ Billund Airport (BLL)
✈ Bornholm Airport (RNN)
✈ Copenhagen Airport (CPH)
✈ Esbjerg Airport (EBJ)
✈ Hans Christian Andersen Airport (ODE)
✈ Karup Airport (KRP)
✈ Læsø Airport (BYR)
✈ Maribo Airport (MRW)
✈ Roskilde Airport (RKE)
✈ Sindal Airport (CNL)
✈ Skive Airport (SQW)
✈ Stauning Airport (STA)
✈ Sønderborg Airport (SGD)
✈ Thisted Airport (TED)
✈ Vojens Airport (SKS)
✈ Aalborg Airport (AAL)
✈ Århus Airport (AAR)
* Selected airports in Danmark. List may not be complete

Map of airports in Denmark