RAF Mount Pleasant

RAF Mount Pleasant is located in Falkland Islands (Mount Pleasant) approx. 13,609 kilometers from Copenhagen Airport and has the airport code MPN. See location on the map below.
About RAF Mount Pleasant
Location: Mount Pleasant, Falkland Islands
Timezone: Atlantic/Stanley - UTC -3
Distances to RAF Mount Pleasant
How far is it from Denmark to RAF Mount Pleasant?
There is about 13.609 kilometers from Copenhagen to RAF Mount Pleasant.

Departure fromDistance
Copenhagen Airport (CPH)approx. 13.609 kilometerView map
Billund Airport (BLL)approx. 13.470 kilometerView map
Aalborg Airport (AAL)approx. 13.610 kilometerView map
Flight time to RAF Mount Pleasant
How long does it take to fly from Denmark to RAF Mount Pleasant?
It takes approx. approx. 15 hours and 50 minutes to fly to RAF Mount Pleasant with direct flights from Copenhagen.

Departure fromFlight time
Copenhagen Airport (CPH)Approx. 15 hours and 50 minutesView map
Billund Airport (BLL)Approx. 15 hours and 40 minutesView map
Aalborg Airport (AAL)Approx. 15 hours and 50 minutesView map
Cities near RAF Mount Pleasant
Which Cities are located near RAF Mount Pleasant?
The following larger citites are located within a radius of 50 km of RAF Mount Pleasant.

StanleyApprox. 43 kmOther airports

* Distances calculated in a straight line. Distance by car may be longer.