Dehong Mangshi Airport

Dehong Mangshi Airport is located in China (Mangshi) approx. 7,538 kilometers from Copenhagen Airport and has the airport code LUM. See location on the map below.
About Dehong Mangshi Airport
Location: Mangshi, China
Timezone: Asia/Shanghai - UTC +8
Distances to Dehong Mangshi Airport
How far is it from Denmark to Dehong Mangshi Airport?
There is about 7.538 kilometers from Copenhagen to Dehong Mangshi Airport.

Departure fromDistance
Copenhagen Airport (CPH)approx. 7.538 kilometerView map
Billund Airport (BLL)approx. 7.749 kilometerView map
Aalborg Airport (AAL)approx. 7.673 kilometerView map
Flight time to Dehong Mangshi Airport
How long does it take to fly from Denmark to Dehong Mangshi Airport?
It takes approx. approx. 9 hours and 20 minutes to fly to Dehong Mangshi Airport with direct flights from Copenhagen.

Departure fromFlight time
Copenhagen Airport (CPH)Approx. 9 hours and 20 minutesView map
Billund Airport (BLL)Approx. 9 hours and 35 minutesView map
Aalborg Airport (AAL)Approx. 9 hours and 30 minutesView map