Airports in Norway

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✈ Alta Airport (ALF)
✈ Bardufoss Airport (BDU)
✈ Bergen Airport (BGO)
✈ Bodo Airport (BOO)
✈ Harstad/Narvik Airport (EVE)
✈ Haugesund Airport (HAU)
✈ Kristiansand Airport (KRS)
✈ Leknes Airport (LKN)
✈ Molde Airport (MOL)
✈ Oslo Gardermoen Airport (OSL)
✈ Sandefjord Airport (TRF)
✈ Sogndal Airport (SOG)
✈ Stavanger Airport (SVG)
✈ Svolvær Airport (SVJ)
✈ Tromso Langnes Airport (TOS)
✈ Værnes Airport (TRD)
✈ Aalesund Airport (AES)
* Selected airports in Norge. List may not be complete

Map of airports in Norway