Airports in Greece

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✈ Araxos Airport (GPA)
✈ Athen International Airport (ATH)
✈ Dimokritos Airport (AXD)
✈ Heraklion Airport (HER)
✈ Ioannina National Airport (IOA)
✈ Kalamata International Airport (KLX)
✈ Karpathos Airport (AOK)
✈ Kefalonia International Airport (EFL)
✈ Kerkira Airport (CFU)
✈ Kithira Island National Airport (KIT)
✈ Kos Airport (KGS)
✈ Kreta Chania Airport (CHQ)
✈ Lefkas Aktion Airport (PVK)
✈ Lemnos International Airport (LXS)
✈ Leros Municipal Airport (LRS)
✈ Mikonos Airport (JMK)
✈ Mytilene Airport (MJT)
✈ Naxos Island National Airport (JNX)
✈ New Paros Airport (PAS)
✈ Rhodos Airport (RHO)
✈ Samos Airport (SMI)
✈ Santorini Airport (JTR)
✈ Sitia Public Airport (JSH)
✈ Skiathos International Airport (JSI)
✈ Skyros Island National Airport (SKU)
✈ Syros Island National Airport (JSY)
✈ Thessaloniki Airport (SKG)
✈ Zakinthos International Airport (ZTH)
* Selected airports in Grækenland. List may not be complete

Map of airports in Greece